Weather In Corfu

Weather in Corfu

Weather in Corfu varies depending on the season representing the average Mediterranean climate. The weather in Corfu is slightly cooler than the average climate in the Greek mainland during the summer whereas winters are milder with relatively higher temperatures and high levels of humidity.

Weather in Corfu in Spring: March and April are windy with medium temperatures and sunny days. May is warm and sunny, with higher temperatures and blossomed countryside, ideal for outdoor activities.

Weather in Corfu in Summer: June in Corfu is sunny and hot with occasional rainfalls. July and August are hot and sunny and the temperatures can reach 40 ºC. The weather is ideal for swimming and relaxation by the beach.

Weather in Corfu in Autumn: the weather in September is similar with May; it is warm and sunny, ideal for outdoor activities without extreme temperatures. October maintains high temperatures but the first rainfalls begin. November is rainy and windy but includes many sunny days.

Weather in Corfu in Winter: Rainfalls and thunderstorms are frequent and temperatures remain low but not extremely cold. The levels of humidity are high and the winds can be strong. However, sunny periods during winter are not unusual.




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